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Hi there. 


I'm a freelance culture writer and event producer currently based in Brooklyn.


If you're on this page you must be interested in me. Thanks!


I've written for places like Bandcamp, Into, Alt Citizen, The Le Sigh.


I produce concerts and parties as part of the collective Booked By Grandma, and occasionally on my own. 


In our attention-based economy, I try and divert people's interest into the creators and stories worth hearing. Often this means booking someone a show or covering them for a publication. In addition, I look to bring conversations that take place in my radical scene and bring them to the larger public.


If you'd like to work together on something I'd love to hear from you! You can email me at . If you're generally just interested in following my exploits I suggest Twitter and Instagram.


my resume


2010- 2014

Millsaps College

Contact Me

404 543 6467

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